Generators – Mother Nature’s Nemesis

New England has seen its fair share of major N’or Easters and blizzards over the years. We are a hardy region that can withstand losing utilities for more than a few hours, or even days, if we have to. But why should we? Having an independent power source for your business or home can mean the difference between having a steady flow of power and having to “tough-it-out” until the power comes back on. Let’s take a look at how having a top quality generator installed by Roy Spittle Associates can be a real savior when Mother Nature throws her best at us.

Wind storms, rain storms, hurricanes, blizzards, coastal flooding and the occasional tornado are just a few of the meteorological events we are prone to here in the northeast. What will happen to your business or home if you lose power? For business owners, concerns probably revolve around loss of revenue and potentially lost data during a power outage. At the height of a storm losing business is expected but days later when the region has shoveled out or gotten back to business-as-usual, will your company be up and running or still struggling with a lack of power? Banks, hotels, and companies in the food and beverage industry rely heavily on power for security, lighting and refrigeration. With a Kohler generator, your company can continue on and not fear loss of workflow, products or data.


For homeowners, loss of power may seem more like a nuisance but it can be downright debilitating for seniors or those with illnesses. Those on ventilators, oxygen and other medical equipment count on heat and power for survival. Losing power may be more than the annoyance of not being able to watch their favorite shows on television but also means no adequate lighting for safety, loss of food in refrigerators and freezers, and in some areas, water to flush in toilets. Having a generator installed by Roy Spittle Associates can make the difference between real hardship and enduring through one of Mother Nature’s storms.