Generators: A Worthwhile Investment

If you live in the northeast you know that Mother Nature can throw pretty much anything at the hardy people of the region and they will endure it with a smile and a knowledge that, “If you wait a minute the weather will change.” New England has endured hurricanes, blizzards and even the occasional tornado. The result of any of these events may not hamper the spirit of true New Englanders, but it may have the power to cause a blackout lasting hours or possibly even days.

For homeowners, this may mean long hours without heat, water, and of course, electricity. For business owners it may be more than just an inconvenience but a loss of a day or two or three  of business. Fortunately, a generator can be a lifesaver for both homeowners and business owners so that a power outage is just a blip on the radar.

Most people who have a generator will attest that having one is a very worthwhile investment. Here is why. . . .

  • Stay in Business – There are approximately 14 million home-based businesses in the U.S.. That means that when the power goes out, those companies lose out. Not only do they lose the revenue for that time period, they also could lose critical data. A generator will take the guess work out of what to do in the case of a blackout.
  • Protecting the Essentials – Owning a generator means a whole lot more than just keeping the tv, computer and lights going in an emergency. It may also mean keeping a home or business interior at an acceptable temperature, which is extremely important for the elderly and the young. In addition, people with a weakened respiratory system or certain medical conditions may rely on oxygen to breathe. A power outage could be a dangerous situation for them.
  • Ride Out the Storm – For many areas of New England, losing power often means losing it for an extended period while crews work their way from more populated areas to the least populated areas. Riding out the storm could be made more comfortable and actually more cost effective with a generator. The loss of money from spoiled food or loss of business could be made less of a dent with a generator. Your generator will automatically turn on when it senses an outage and then power down when the power comes back on.

Call Roy Spittle Electric if you are considering a generator for your home or business. We use top-quality, brand-name machines from Kohler and others to give you the assurance of constant energy and a reliable stability when you need it most.