Lighting for Security

For years, homeowners have “left a light” on to help portray that the home is occupied in order to deter burglars. Unfortunately, gone are the days of leaving the key under the mat and setting one lonely lamp timer in your front window. Singular timer lights are great but can only do so much to thwart an intruder from entering your home. We suggest a security system that can do quite a lot to keep intruders out or at least alert the authorities if they do gain access to your home. However, the right outdoor lighting can also do a lot to keep problems from arising in the first place. Here are a few ideas of how lighting can help prevent criminals from seeing your home as an easy target.

Shine a Light on the Outdoors

Criminals look for a target property that offers them the most protection from neighbors and passersby. Strategically placing outdoor lights can deter potential intruders. Here are some options:

  • All-Night Lighting – Intruders will find it difficult to find a time to access a property if the exterior lighting is focused on the doors and property all night. Lighting can be set to turn on at dusk and shut off at dawn.
  • Motion Activated Lighting – This prevention technique turns on when something activates it like a person walking by or a trespasser moving in front of the hidden sensor. This type of lighting saves electricity, as it is only activated when needed.
  • Combination Lighting – This type of lighting for security keeps a low voltage light on for landscaping purposes but then increases in brightness when the sensor is triggered by a passerby.
  • Rear Exterior Lighting – Many homeowners forget to flood the backyard since they may not have a walkway in that area. Be sure to light up areas where there is an easy hiding spot or at all access points to the house.
  • Interior Lighting – Using either timer lighting or smart home technology arrange your lights to come on even when you are not home. There are apps available that can turn on interior lights at varying times depending upon the day of the week. This will keep criminals guessing when you are really at home or away. This is especially helpful when you are away on extended vacation.

Criminals do not like well lit homes. Brighten those dark corners and reduce the potential for any criminal activity with one simple improvement to your house – security lighting. Call Roy Spittle Electricians for a free evaluation of lighting for your home.