Surge Protection for Home and Business

If you are a homeowner or a business owner you probably have a wide array of expensive electronics and appliances that you want to keep in good working condition. While everyday use can be tough on gadgets, the bigger worry should be about potential power spikes or surges that can do some pretty serious damage or possibly render the electronics inoperable. As a homeowner, think about the cost to replace your television, personal computer, washer, dryer or even your air conditioning units. Not only would it be pricey but it would be a huge hassle. For business owners, how long would it take for your company to recover from loss of data on a hard drive or to replace the equipment in your high tech conference room? Power spikes and surges can happen just about anywhere and are usually caused by lightning storms, power outages or even a malfunction on the power grid. A spike is considered a short increase in power while a surge can last a few seconds. Those few seconds of increase in voltage can mean serious damage to your electronic equipment.  In a normal household or office in the United States, the standard voltage is 120 volts. If the voltage rises above 120 volts, there is a problem, and a surge protector – also called a surge suppressor – helps to prevent that problem from destroying your gadget, appliance or equipment. Surge protectors or suppressors divert the energy to protect the components. This ensures that only a normal and safe amount of electricity passes through your devices. Most of us think about a power strip when we think about surge protectors but there are numerous types of surge protectors out there on the market that range in both price and performance. There are single outlet protectors, power strips, USB protectors, whole house surge arrestors and surge stations to consider. There are even travel surge protectors to keep your devices safe while away on business or pleasure. Don’t know what you need for your appliances or business electronics? Call Roy Spittle Associates to find out what type of surge suppressor or protector is right for your business or home needs.