The Totally Wired Home

Today’s homes are increasingly demanding more from the wireless network. We have many more devices that rely on wireless networks than we did 10 years ago. The more devices you have the slower the connection to the network. If it gets too slow the connection can get dropped. In addition a neighbor’s home may interfere with your own wifi. Spittle Associates offers high powered wifi systems designed to handle multiple users simultaneously while also mitigating interference caused by the environment. You will be able to walk from one end of your house to the other and from one floor to the next without losing connection or speed.   Totally wired homes don’t need to look like something out of a sci-fi movie. They just have to have a high quality Wi-Fi system, a solid network wiring infrastructure, and the latest in security and home automation systems. Here are some ways to make your home totally wired.  
  • Home Wireless SystemsThe demands on home networks has grown substantially with the increased usage of tablets, smartphones, and streaming video services. It seems like every member of the family is trying to access the internet for school, work or even just to watch their favorite show on Netflix. If your home is relying on a residential grade product, you may need to consider upgrading so your system does not see a major slow down when every family member is online.
  • Outdoor Systems – With the warmer weather settling in, a cleverly designed outdoor audio system can ensure that all of your patio get-togethers have the tunes you want. We offer outdoor systems from surface mounted weatherproof speakers to stealth speakers that look like rocks or landscape lighting. You will enjoy your favorite tunes and easily control your music from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Security and SurveillanceIntegrate a low voltage security system with all your smoke/CO requirements for security while you are away from your home. In addition, surveillance cameras can be setup to view your property remotely from a smartphone. Checking in on your home from work or while you are on vacation can put your mind at ease and provide remarkable theft deterrence.
  • Smart Home Automation – Control lighting, heating, air conditioning, security and much more with the installation of smart home automation means you have optimized your home wiring. Imagine controlling a garage door, lock system or even dim the lights with easy controls on your smartphone!  We can even alert you with a text or email if you have left your garage door open. You can schedule lights or shades to power on or off based on sunrise or sunset. The options are endless.  
  Call Roy Spittle Associates to schedule an appointment for a free estimate. We can help you become totally wired to save you time, energy and give you peace of mind.