Creating a Dream Home Theater

Are you looking to bring a cinematic experience right to your own home? Our design and installation experts can guide you through the process of making your home an audio-visual masterpiece. Whether you have a dedicated room for home entertainment or you’re blending this into a shared living room space, we can help you create the home theater of your dreams. Bring today’s leading-edge audio visual systems right into the comfort of your own home by working alongside our Audio Visual Project Manager, who has over 20 years experience in the custom A/V design and installation industry. We can help you choose high performance products that are easy to use and within the budget you set. Here are some steps to consider as we work with you to find inspiration and design ideas, choose the right audio and visual equipment, wiring and furnishings.
  • Create a Wish List – Do you want to go all out with a dedicated home theater room with stadium seating and all the bells and whistles or do you want something that fits in seamlessly with your current decor? Either way have some fun looking at our options and online at dream home theaters.
  • Design and Component Plan – In coordination with our design and installation team, we can help you plot out what you want the room to look like as well as what type of audio/visual components you desire. We work with some of the highest quality components from brands such as: Control 4, KEF, Sonos, Triad, Bose Professional Bose Residential Optoma, Denon, Roku, Monitor Audio, and JVC Pro Series.
  • Room Design – Regardless of whether this is a dedicated home theater room or a multifunctional family room, we can help you arrange existing or new furnishings in a way that will optimize viewing and listening while blending seamlessly with your decor.
  • Installation – From our designs, we can make your home theater dreams come true with expert electrical wiring and installation of the best components for your personal theater needs. We will work closely with homeowners on how to best use the system and show them just how easy a universal remote for all the components will be!
If you are considering a home theater, call Roy Spittle Associates for planning and design right through installation. We will be with you every step of the way.