Peace of Mind with Home Security

Your home should be a safe haven: a place of both comfort and safety. In order to attain peace of mind that your loved ones and your property are secure, many homeowners look to home security and surveillance. In today’s digital age, home security and home automation programs have become more advanced, effective and affordable. Roy Spittle Associates offers a wide variety of home security options including: interior and exterior lighting monitoring with motion activation, lock systems, alarm systems, a central monitoring station, surveillance and cameras and smart home automation that can be linked with your home security. Let’s take a look at some of these options so you can determine what might be right for your home or business and your budget.  
  • Exterior and Interior Lighting Options – Deter thieves by using motion activated lighting around the exterior of your home especially aimed at doors and walkways where an intruder would pass. Roy Spittle Associates can evaluate your property and help you illuminate areas that are in dark shadows or where access to the property can be gained. Indoors we can arrange for automatic lighting to make your home appear occupied even while you are out.
  • Lock Systems – Take your home or business security up a notch by using an access control system that allows you to lock and unlock on command as well as alert you in the case of an intruder, motion sensor trip or breaking glass.
  • Alarm Systems – Rest easy when your home or business is protected by theft, fire and CO alarms that be connected to a central monitoring station.
  • Surveillance Systems – With advancing technologies no business is complete without surveillance cameras. Residential customers are also coming around to using these fairly affordable systems to monitor personal property. Depending on the options and system you choose, monitoring your home or business can be easy and done from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet while you are away.
  • Smart Home Automation – Connect all of your systems together into one cohesive security system where you can control lighting, locks, garage doors and other aspects of your home or business all in one convenient location on your phone.
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