Topsfield MA Audiovisual System Design & Home Automation

Roy Spittle Associates offers Topsfield MA audiovisual system design and installation for commercial and residential projects. From  digital music systems, to surround sound systems, from home theater systems, to smart home automation, Roy Spittle Associates provides the custom design, products, and installation of the latest tools designed to meet your needs. Whether the system needs to be designed to blend in seamlessly with your decor in a multi-purpose family room or in a dedicated personal theater with stadium seating and the products that bring movies and sports to life, we offer high-performance products and systems tailored to your lifestyle and budget that promises to bring great entertainment value to your home or business. Our systems are designed for ease of use, integrated with a universal remote so that you can easily power on the system with the press of one button.


Digital music systems offer whole homes or businesses a variety of streaming music services such as Pandora, Tune-in, and many others. Roy Spittle Associates offers a great selection of products and services to distribute music throughout multiple areas of your home or business to enhance your lifestyle with a very intuitive system that everyone will be able to use. We offer many high-quality product lines that will meet all needs and budgets; whether you need hidden speakers concealed behind the walls or speakers strategically placed in your home or business for entertainment and paging.


Smart home automation is fast becoming a staple need in homes and businesses. Roy Spittle Associates has the tools, experience, and the staff to support this growing industry. We offer whole house lighting control systems so that you will never have to come into a dark house again or while on vacation you can have the lights power on in random areas to make the home look alive. Along with lighting, we offer integration and control of HVAC, security, A/V systems, surveillance cameras, motorized window treatments, motorized gates and locks, and occupancy sensors – all wrapped into one application for ease of use. All your home systems will be accessible from a connected smart phone while traveling across town or around the world; we can even setup a text alert if you left your garage door open or when your kids get home from school. The possibilities are endless…


The demands on home networks has grown substantially with the increased usage of web tablets, smart phones, and streaming video services. We find many homes are relying on poor, residential grade products to provide the workload that a small business would need when multiple mobile devices are connected to the same WIFI or trying to stream Netflix on more than one TV at the same time. Roy Spittle Associates offers a solid network wiring infrastructure and high quality WIFI systems that will bring your home up to speed.